Hotels are fun for all the right reasons. Every time we travel, we always rely on hotels to provide us with a place to rest and sleep in at the end of the day. After a hectic day of going to places, in between work meetings and sightseeings, to take off your shoes and rest is really rewarding. However, are you aware of the risks of staying at a hotel? We are not saying that all hotels are innately bad. They are just some who fail at some departments and if you want to assure yourself, then make time to do the following things for your safety and your health.

  1. Check Your Bed For Bedbugs

Hotel beds are common victims of bedbugs because rooms which are left unoccupied can be easily home to these bugs. When looking for bedbugs, look in your mattress, headboard, and bed frames for small brown stains. Bedbugs are not easy to find because they hide during the day and when they are disturbed, they ran away and hide. However, it is easy to identify if they are bedbugs on your hotel room by the brown blood stains they leave behind from their victims.

  1. Check Every Spot

Although this only happens in really extreme cases, there are some scenarios wherein intruders hide in your hotel room. If you want to make sure that there is no freeloader living together with you in your room, check these following spots; under the bed, the shower, and the closet. Not only are intruders the problem here but there are some incidents where hotel guests complain of a strange odor in their room only to find out that there have been a corpse under their bed. If that is not a reason to check these hiding spots, I don’t know what more could I say.

  1. Reset The Alarm Clock

There is nothing more annoying than enjoying a good night’s sleep only to wake up by the hotel room alarm ringing at 4:00 am. Before sleeping your tiredness away, make sure to reset the alarm clock or unplug it if you want zero sleep disturbances. Some hotel guests who want to have a good laugh purposely do this before leaving the hotel room just to annoy the next person staying there. Moreover, your smartphone could fulfill the same purpose so an alarm clock may not be needed.

  1. Sanitize and Clean

All hotel staff makes sure that your hotel room is squeaky clean before you stay in it. However, just because your room looks clean, doesn’t mean that its truly clean inside out, right? Give yourself a bit of time to sanitize the room and wipe down common germ houses like doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls. A quick wipe with an antibacterial tissue or towel will do perfect for this task.

  1. Familiarize The Fire Escape Map

There is only a slim chance of you needing it but it is better to be safe than sorry, right? If you ever need to exit any establishment in case of an emergency, you would need basic knowledge of the route and which places to avoid. More importantly, you need to know where the main fire exit is. Take a minute or two to study the fire escape route for this could save your life.


Staying at hotels can be really tiring. We all know we just want to lie down and rest after a long day. But, just because we’re staying at another room doesn’t mean we don’t have to take care of our health and safety. The things we listed above could help you avoid bigger problems in the future and could even save your life in a worst case scenario.