When traveling, spending money is always inevitable. Whether you are staying in a five star hotel or a simple room in the city, time spent in a hotel involves a lot of money. You have to remember that you are paying for every second you must make it count as much as possible. Moreover, you are not only spending cash on the hotel room but you are also throwing down money for the room service, parking fee, and any other unexpected expenses along the way.

Lucky for you, saving money in a hotel is possible! There are lots of tips and techniques that you can do and follow in order to reduce spending when staying in a hotel. We all know that we have tendency to spend more than usual when traveling and the tips we will give below will help you to not do these tendencies.

Tips To Save Money When Staying In A Hotel

  1. Provide Your Own Food

Staying in a hotel or traveling in general means that you do not have the luxury of your kitchen to provide food when needed. This forces you to eat at restaurants or cafes or get your daily caffeine dose in coffee shops. However, this is not always the option. You can always choose to brew your own coffee or tea in the comfort in your own hotel room. Most hotels provide coffee machines or heaters for this. Moreover, some hotels also provide their own coffee for their guests.

When it comes to food, you can always bring your own homemade snacks or pre-pack your food for the next day if you are just planning your overnight trip. Some may think of this as cheap, but it sure is worth it as long as you don’t get to spend that money on overpriced hotel food.

  1. Take Advantage Of Hotel Appliances

Even cheap hotels nowadays provide appliances for the comfort of their guests. Use these appliances to the full advantage if you want to save money when staying in a hotel. For example, a mini fridge can be used to store leftovers from last night’s dinner at a restaurant or any food left that you have. Microwaves are also provided in some hotels so you can use this to reheat food so that it is fresh as new. You have to consider that traveling involves spending money and if you want to reduce spending, you have to be cheap as possible.

  1. Avoid Room Service As Much As Possible

Let’s face it, most of our experiences with room service is not that great. So why do we still keep doing it? Not to mention it is an additional expense to our hotel rate. If possible, you want to avoid room service to save money. You can always go around the neighborhood and search for local food spots. This option is not only cost expensive for you, but it also allows you to have fun around the city. It’s a win-win!


Staying in a hotel is expensive, but it does not always have to be that way. There are things you can do and avoid so that these things do not happen in the future. Follow our tips above to save money when staying in a hotel.