Traveling is a relaxing moment for you and your family. Nothing should ruin this fantastic moment of adventure and experience that’s great for spending some time off to blow off some steam from all the stress accumulated. Surely nothing’s going to ruin it, right? One thing that could go wrong during traveling is booking an overpriced hotel and spending so much money on extra charges.

Why spend so much more when you could merely devise a plan to avoid overspending and stressing about the costs? Find out how to save money on hotels and how to get the best deals on a hotel.

It’s easy for us to overspend our traveling budget especially if we’re outside of our comfort zone and we want to have a place to rest. Hotels are one of the biggest cost when traveling, so you have to find ways on how to cut the hotel budget while going home satisfied and relaxed. It’s a bust to spend so much when you could spend lesser for the same services they offer.

You could make the most out of the service without having to spend more through these simple means and ways of booking a hotel.

Gain miles when booking a hotel room

how to save money on hotels

One of the best ways to save some money when booking a hotel room is to be loyal to hotel provider sites and apps. If you frequently travel, signing up to a hotel provider would mean that you could gather points in their loyalty point system or reward system, and you could use that in your future travels. It’s a helpful tip for those who frequently travel because through traveling all the time, and you’d be able to gain more points quickly and use them more regularly. Be sure to sign in to a fantastic hotel booking service provider and gain benefits!

Airport hotels aren’t so bad

You might think that airport hotels are expensive, but there are some cases where airport hotels are a lot cheaper than the other hotels. It’s due to the major cities having very high hotel rates which makes the airport hotels less expensive than others. It’s also close to the airport where you’ll most likely be used to depart which would save you a lot of time and money on cab fares going back and forth from the hotel to the airport.

Sign in to save money

how to save money on hotels

Instead of directly booking a hotel room without signing in to a booking website, you might want to reconsider signing in to their site. It’s because you could get access to their members only offers and deals which could save a lot of money especially when you’re traveling on a tight budget.

Online hotel booking services such as hotel deals club, Expedia, and would allow you to have access to the offers they have if you’re a member and they sometimes offer the lowest rates on the hotels. They also help you with booking the perfect hotel for you without having to go an extra mile just to check out and compare every other hotel to get the best deal.

Refer to the online prices if you’re planning to extend your stay

Before you do anything else or before the wondrous day you had traveling all around the new city, check the current price of your hotel online. It’s extremely important to check the prices if you want to extend your stay since there are times when the rate of the room is much higher than the regular pricing due to the peak season. Since prices are flexible depending on the day you want to extend, it’s only better to check the prices online before you decide to call the front desk and extend your stay. The rate might be higher, or the price might be lower.

Check in near the end of the day

how to save money on hotels

Are you looking for an upgrade to your booked hotel room? You might want to check in near the end of the day if that’s what you’re looking for. Hotels usually have a better sense of occupancy if it’s at the end of the day and because of that, they might offer you a sweet upgrade that’s still available. Since most of us travel during the day, it might be a good idea to check your schedule and check in when it’s almost sundown to have a better room!


Coupons are designed to reel in more customers by cutting off a percentage of the price. It works out for the best for you if you’re trying to save as much money as possible! Search for coupons of the hotel you want to stay in through search engines or on the hotel booking website you signed in. Coupons cut off so much of your traveling budget, allowing you to have the room on a much lower price.


Finding the cheapest hotel room possible is not an easy task. There are so many things you have to consider first before you have to book a room and online hotel booking services are there to cut some work for you. Try to compare the prices of each hotel and seek out for ways you could cut off some of the cost through applying the tips mentioned in this article. Remember, you’re on a trip to have a relaxing moment, and money shouldn’t be one of your major concerns. Don’t go home with an empty pocket, stressed, and far from relaxed!