Hotels have become a staple place to stay when visiting a new place, whether for work purposes or for a vacation getaway with family. With many lodging options easily available now, hotels just seem to have that charm that makes you want stay a bit longer than usual. But, are you making the most out of your hotel stay? Did you know that there are more fun things that you can do aside from sleeping in your hotel room?

The answer is yes! Hotels have become more than just a place or room to sleep in after a tiring day of enjoying a foreign city. Making the most out of your hotel allows you to reap the benefits they are offering and making sure that you get every penny you paid for that room. Lucky for you, we listed below tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your hotel room.

Ask and you shall receive

Hotel guests often forget that the staff and the hotel itself are there to help you. And by help, we mean they are there to provide you with all your needs and amenities. Most hotel properties have a whole treasure of things that you can simply borrow just by asking at the front desk. You will be amazed and surprised at the amount and variety of objects you can borrow from a hotel. This includes safety pins, phone adapters, phone chargers, umbrellas, razors, tampons, hair ties, nail files, ear plugs, even bowties!

Book directly

Saving money will always be a top concern when traveling and staying at a hotel. We may think that booking a hotel online gives you the illusion of convenience in money, the truth it, it’s not! Sure, booking online saves you time and energy         , but it does not all save you money. In some cases even, you might be paying more than what the hotel offers. Hotels don’t allow other third part websites post and release offers that are not coming from them. Booking directly through the hotel allows you to have an assured price, and sometimes cheaper than the intended.

Be kind and interact with the staff

The hotel staff is there to help you and provide you high quality service. Once you have arrived, do not forget to interact and engage in small talk with the staff. By doing this, asking for future requests should be easier for them to do since you already established rapport between you two. However, this shouldn’t be done just for that purpose only. Treating hotel staff nicely never hurts and it pays to develop a professional relationship. They might give you better access to amenities, special hotel services, and get better service if you just treat them kind enough.

Be greedy

Although it sounds bad, being greedy with your hotel is the best thing you can do to make the most out of your stay. Research into what the hotel offer and what services or amenities are you entitled to. Take advantage of everything you are allowed to and don’t be guilty for doing so since you just want a taste of your paid money. For example, if the hotel has a spa, check it out to see if you have a free or discounted pass. Swimming pool access is also sometimes included in hotels so try to see if you are allowed access.



Sometimes, it may sound bad to make the most out of everything in your hotel stay. But, this is what you paid for. This is where your hard earned money went. Never be afraid to ask your hotel staff on what is included during your stay to make sure that nothing is wasted. Follow our tips and tricks above for a more fun and memorable stay at any hotel.