Your next vacation to the Great Barrier Reef could soon become easier. The state government of Queensland in Australia has partnered with TravelbyBit to make Bitcoin vacation a reality. TravelbyBit is a blockchain start-up in Australia. They have received an AUD 8.3 million grant as part of the ‘Advance Queensland’ initiative.

If you are a crypto holder, you are likely wondering how to use them in day-to-day transactions. Many merchants don’t accept them yet, so when some of them do, it’s a good news for you. Travel is an obvious use case.

On the other hand, service providers in the increasingly competitive travel industry are investing heavily in customer acquisition. Merchants that accept cryptocurrencies can readily tap into a growing crypto-vacation customer base.

However, planning your dream vacation is never easy, and searching for merchants that accept crypto could be daunting. If a travel service provider can show you such merchants, it saves your precious time.

Bitcoin vacation may become a hot trend in the future, however, merchants currently don’t know who those customers are. If a travel provider can connect such customers with them, the customer acquisition potential increases.

National and provincial governments in many countries are increasingly looking to tap into their tourism potential. Many of these governments increasingly realize that crypto tourists are a new market segment. However, crypto vacationers must find it convenient enough to pay for their vacation using digital currencies.

Bitcoin vacation, with help from the Queensland state government and TravelbyBit

Bitcoin vacation

Image credit: vjkombajn / Pixabay

The partnership between the Queensland state government and TravelbyBit ticks all the checkboxes. Here you have a state government that’s serious about realizing the awesome tourism potential of the state. Who wouldn’t want to visit the Great Barrier Reef?

In TravelbyBit, you also have a blockchain start-up that’s ready to serve the crypto vacationers and merchants. They offer the following services already:

  1. A digital currency payment platform that tourists and merchants can use easily;
  2. Itinerary planning including identifying merchants that accept crypto;
  3. Easy onboarding for merchants;
  4. Wallets and tutorials;
  5. Options to buy Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin.

TravelbyBit has already onboarded several merchants, and they have increased their customer base. The crypto market volatility doesn’t impact merchants since TravelbyBit converts the cryptocurrencies into AUD.

The Brisbane Airport Corporation, the first airport in the world to accept cryptocurrencies, is their client. They have also implemented a blockchain-powered ‘Point-of-Sale’ (POS) system across several tourist destinations in this state. Merchants using this POS accept Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Dash.

Australia is serious about creating a knowledge-based economy of future and creating suitable jobs. State governments in the country are also driving innovation programs around this theme.

The state government of Queensland is driving the “Advance Queensland Innovation Initiative” program. It funds businesses that innovate around the knowledge-driven future theme and create jobs.

Australia is investing significantly in the blockchain technology, for e.g. they have engaged IBM for a five-year deal of AUD 1 billion. This deal will improve Australias’ data security position using blockchain and automation.