Finding suitable accommodation is a critical part of your trip, and it can have a tremendous impact on your spending if not chosen accurately. We have many personal reasons as to why we want specific accommodation from a hotel; be it by prices, location, amenities, ease of booking, type of facility, and Transportation. One of the best ways to lessen your trip expenses is by choosing the right accommodation that fits your needs at the lowest cost possible and worthy experience.

Make a checklist

Before browsing for the hotel which suits your needs, decide a budget range of how much you can afford for a hotel. Make a checklist of the amenities you want, the places you want to visit while you are on your trip. So that you can calculate your expenses ahead of time.

Browse the internet

Several trips and hotel bookings can be through popular websites. Compare the Prices Online and put filters like the price range, amenities, and location for smooth scrolling.  Shop around all the sites and visit the hotel website itself. On the individual hotel websites, look for the facilities the hotel could offer, reviews from customers, and even the hotel policies. Often, the reports will declaim to whatever attributes you’re looking for in a hotel, and you can make valid conclusions based upon them.

Call the hotel for clarifications because some of the pieces of information on their website may be outdated and there may be changes in their rates and the amenities they offer. An email will often work, but calling is a more immediate option. You can query if there are any special packages, and even consider mentioning the prices you’ve found for their rooms on matching sites, in case they want to make a competing offer.


This one might appear a bit obvious but indeed suggests many things. Many hotels are good but are distant from the malls and hospitals. Search the area you are about to visit, use google maps, you can zoom the exact place, view the streets and establishment near the hotel. Choose an area where you tend to spend most time and activities. Always remember there are many hotels with no near attractions in sight, so whatever you may get in hotel savings, you may make up for with increasing cab fare.

Ideal room

Before committing to your room reservation, always find time to call the hotel if they have the amenities and ask yourself of the places, they have reached your standards. Make sure that they can provide you with not just a decent but a comfortable one. Choose a bigger room so that you will not be in a disaster because hotel room sizes are not always the same. You may have been into a hotel where their big rooms are quite small than to others.

Pay for what you deserve

Not all those hotels that offer low prices are worthy. Always consider the accommodation and not the price. At some point, there are hotels which offer high rates but are decent enough. Always remember to equally balance in considering the hotel price, the amenities and the comforting accommodation you deserve.


Before going into a vacation, prepare ahead of time to avoid time-consuming emergencies. Search the web and never be afraid to ask. Because it is better to be sure than to take risks.